You Know You Want All Of These Dodger Dogs (Photos)

When you see this sign, you know good things are in store.

You know what's coming, so you get this excited:

That's right! A Dodger Dog can be all yours!

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Obviously, they taste best during a sweet victory!

I've eaten hundreds of these... but this is the first #dodgerdog I've eaten at a #worldseries @dodgers ??????

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But they're still tasty any time, especially when you smother them in pico de gallo and all that good stuff!

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And you can't go wrong with some seasoned fries on the side ...

Who even needs sandwiches when you can smother your hot dog with mountains of pastrami and pickles?

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Throw some peppers and onions on there for good measure.

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Or keep it simple with more conventional fare.

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Either way, you're gonna have a good time.

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And you can't really beat the scenery ...

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So. Dang. Gooood.

Pretty sure Kershaw's jealous of everyone with a dog. I know I am.

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This Dog!

This Dodger Dog certainly approves.

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And this one wants to know if she can please have a bite?

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