You Need This Rose Cocktail Kit For Your Next Flight (Photos)

The holidays are coming quickly upon us, which is, interestingly, indirectly proportional to the time spent in airports, waiting miserably in Byzantine security gate lines, eating grossly overpriced, pre-prepared brick tuna sandwiches at Starbucks, praying to the iPhone deities that be for the last 14 percent of phone battery to sustain 20 more minutes of Netflix's "Stranger Things" season 2 finale before boarding.

They say December is the busiest traveling month of the year. And if your experience is like the one described above, you don't want to be caught without an exit strategy.

If a streak of bad luck befalls you this traveling season (your neighbor is an armrest hog who needs lecturing on the appropriate rules for people assigned the middle seat), you can rest easy by getting slightly buzzed to inebriated, depending on your tolerance, with Sugarfina's Rose All Day Carry-On Cocktail Kit.

While you flag the flight attendant down for a travel-sized rose champagne and lemon wedge, prep your gear -- a dainty linen coaster, bar spoon for mixing, jigger to measure syrup, and an easy-to-follow recipe card to read and re-read in case your phone did not make it to full charge. This kit comes with two boozy gummy bears as a "yummy chaser" or "cheerful garnish" to watch sink and drown in the cocktail, as pre-flight entertainment or a metaphor to your pre-flight jitters.

The carry-on kit is simple and nifty; it's TSA-approved and comes with almost everything, "just add alcohol." It also comes minimally packaged in a golden tin box wrapped in promises to magically transform your 8-hour flight to an "all day rose," whatever that means to you. To Sugarfina, it means a champagne cocktail with sweet elderflower syrup and rose gummy bears to chew and sip over while your once buzzing nerves screech to a mild halt. If that doesn't do it, help yourself to another round. Each kit makes two cocktails.

Sip up or do as the tin kit says: "Wheels up." And feel the arm space around you grow in orders of magnitude and the shriek of a crying baby wane to a faint whisper.