You Need To Know About Oreo's Newest Cookie Flavor (Photo)

Allegedly joining the ranks of limited-edition Oreos is a cookie flavor more reminiscent of autumn -- and more downright American -- than any variety to hit shelves before.

It's the apple pie Oreo, ladies and gentlemen (photo below).

Apple pie will be the latest pie-turned-Oreo when these debut in advance of Labor Day. What other pies should become Oreos? ??

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Food Instagrammer somehow got wind of the new treat and posted a photo of the packaging online. The caption did not reveal any information beyond that it will available before Labor Day next year -- or a source of any kind -- but we'll remain optimistic, since America's favorite pie transformed into America's favorite cookie sounds pretty dang fabulous.

We don't have any clues about ingredients, but we suspect the Oreo will involve an apple-pie creme filling with spicy cinnamon notes, sandwiched between two sweet vanilla cookies.

We won't get to taste these Oreos until next September -- if we get them at all -- so while it's a bit early to imagine their flavor composition, it's a great time to plan how best to enjoy them.

Like with a holiday cookie-eating party, obviously. Grab a silver platter and artfully festoon it with seasonal Oreos, such as apple pie, pumpkin spice, cool mint and gingerbread flavors. Make sure everyone has a full glass of milk for dunking purposes. Proceed to go to flavor town. When the fun is done, promptly put on fuzzy socks and a sweatshirt, and nap for several hours. 

Another enticing option is to incorporate the apple pie Oreos into delicious fall desserts, such as apple pie ice cream cake or snicker doodles stuffed with apple pie Oreos.

The possibilities are endless. Stay tuned for any updates on the new Oreo, and in the meantime, snack on the brand's newest delight: Oreo candy bars. Yep, you read that right.