You Need To Try Nestle Toll House's New Cookie! (Photos)

You Need To Try Nestle Toll House's New Cookie! (Photos)

Chocolate chip cookie dough is great.

In fact, chocolate chip cookie dough is pretty much perfect. I'd never ever complain about a warm, buttery, soft (and maybe crunchy!) cookie oozing with chocolate chips. Really, I wouldn't.

But there might be something EVEN BETTER out there.

It's Nestle Toll House's Cookie of the Year flavor, and if you love sweet-salty foods, you're going to adore this.

The flavor is Chocolate Fudge Pretzel, and it's nearly revolutionary as far as cookie dough goes.

Here's why: As you probably have experienced, mixing pretzel bits into dough can be a little treacherous. The salty pretzel crunch is fabulous with gooey cookies, but it's pretty common to strike out and find that the pieces got soggy in a hurry. By the time you're ready to eat them after putting in so much hard work, there's a good chance you may end up with an accidentally mushy dessert. 

But according to Delish, the folks over at Toll House flash-froze their seasonal rich chocolate dough topped with pretzel crumbs. The quick freezing keeps everything amazingly crisp and totally complements the soft texture of the densely chocolaty treats. It is wondrous!

Here's what they look like:

And here's what it looks like in raw form:

So we know that the texture is on point. But what about the overall taste? Well, as far as flavors go, it's sort of like a cookie pretending to be a brownie ... or a brownie pretending to be a cookie, depending on your outlook. One thing's for sure, though: The cookies have gotten glowing reviews from tasters. So if this sounds like your thing, stock up while you can, since it's a limited edition-type deal -- it might only be around for a year!

Note that if you do pick up this dough from the store, the pretzel cookies might still have a tendency to get soggy after sitting out for a bit, as is the nature of the beast. Leite's Culinaria recommends consuming pretzel cookies the day that they are baked -- shouldn't be a problem, right?