Colada Drink

You Need To Try Starbucks' New Pina Colada Drink (Photo)

You probably want a vacation right about now, but maybe you don't have the time. What if I told you that you can get a tropical trip in a cup for less than $5 and only 80 calories -- and you can carry it into work with you?

You can, and it's called Starbucks' new Teavana Iced Pina Colada Tea Infusion.

The pleasantly peach-colored, summery beverage is made with Teavana pineapple black tea and coconut milk, finished with ice for a refreshingly cool drink. It's now on the permanent menu across the country.

Pina Colada Drink

With just 80 calories in a grande serving, the drink is a guilt-free alternative to a boozy pina colada. But since alcohol makes everything more fun, the tea infusion can always be used as a base for something a little stronger.

"It needs rum," one Reddit user determined. Rum it can have, indeed. Add a shot of your favorite brand to the Starbucks beverage, then throw the mixture into a blender with ice for a low-calorie cocktail. A cherry on top certainly won't hurt.

Some fans suggest using other Starbucks drinks to heighten the flavor of the tea infusion. One smartie with a sweet tooth says to ask for the drink to be combined with the store's toasted coconut syrup and a vanilla Frappuccino for a creamy, dessert-like treat.

"It's delicious," they wrote.

Starbucks itself is urging customers to customize the drink with other teas, according to Delish. It can be mixed with any Teavana iced tea, like strawberry white tea or pineapple green tea, for a fruity caffeine fix. If you're into citrus, try it with lemonade for a tart Arnold Palmer situation.

The chain's coconut milk craze goes beyond tea infusions. Their new Iced Cascara Coconutmilk Latte combines the milk with espresso and cascara, the brown-sugary dried fruit from the coffee plant. Coconut milk is mixed with ice, a white chocolate mocha and espresso in the returning Iced Coconutmilk Mocha Macchiato -- an alternative to the caramel macchiato for coconut lovers.

Suddenly craving coconut? We've got you covered. Get your fix with this coconut butter pecan praline sheet cake, coconut beer-battered shrimp or coconut banana cream pie.