You Need Wine-Infused Coffee In Your Life Right Now (Photo)

Wine infused coffee … for when you're tired and also ready to get your girls' night started. Or maybe it can be for those rainy Monday work mornings.

Popsugar reports that there's now a coffee-wine hybrid for those times when we just need both to cope. The new wine-coffee is from the Molinari Private Reserve out of Napa Valley, California. If you're wondering how it's made, you'll be mildly surprised at how easy it is. At least, that's how I'm feeling.

The coffee beans get to bathe in red wine (jealous?) to absorb its flavors. Sadly, the soaking absorbs the wine's flavors and all, but your actual coffee is alcohol-free. I guess you'll just get the nice feeling of enjoying a glass of wine. On the bright side, that really does make your new coffee flavor safe for work.

If you're wondering how it tastes, Napa Valley's Molinari Private Reserve says that it highlights a blueberry flavor, and that the addition of milk to your coffee brings out even more of the wine taste -- blueberry flavor included. According to Elite Daily, coffee drinkers live longer, and coffee gives you energy, helps to prevent cancer and even makes your skin glow. Add the rich antioxidants of red wine and you've got yourself a power drink!

If you're like me and you need something to look forward to each morning to help you out of bed, you might want to start your day with one of these special brews. However, if you're of a coffee-for-dessert type person (I'll take that, too!), it's probably perfect for your after-dinner palate cleansing … or even paired with a rich chocolate slab of cake.

You can find the wine online (but currently out of stock) or at various coffee shops. The bags of coffee are available at $20 per half pound, and are also available at Molinari Cafe, Robert Mondavi Winery, Franciscan Estate Winery and JCB Wines. That is, you'll be able to find the wine there when it's in stock. Look for that Molinari Private Reserve label to make sure it's the right stuff.