You Will Soon Be Able To Buy IKEA Meatballs From A Food Truck

It looks like IKEA has fully embraced the fact that many of its customers visit stores solely for the delicious meatballs. Those meatballs, people, are GOING ON WHEELS.

The furniture giant announced that the #TogetherWeEat food truck will visit Chicago and New York City in July bearing free meatballs and other wonderful treats.

#TogetherWeEat is an IKEA campaign celebrating how food brings people together. Visitors to the limited-time truck will be graced with three meatball creations made of chicken, veggies and Swedish meatball ingredients. They'll then be able to enjoy their free snacks at pop-up seating areas featuring IKEA furniture, furnishings and games. 

“At IKEA, we understand the great power of food in bringing loved ones together,” said #TogetherWeEat project leader Lisa Hajra.

“Simply being together to talk, share, discuss and laugh over a delicious meal is just as important as the food itself, which is why this year, we’re celebrating all the ways in which food connects people.”

The food truck comes off the heels of IKEA's "Together, We Eat" contest in late 2015, which searched for the best stories behind family recipes and traditions that celebrate bonding over food.

Fortunately for meatball fans, customers can likely expect the retailer's food ventures to continue growing. IKEA's U.S. President Lars Petersson said in recent months that "food is becoming a core business" for the company, according to The Washington Post.

Catch the food truck at Wicker Park Fest in Chicago on July 23 and 24, or grab your meatballs on wheels at the Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival in Brooklyn on July 30. Read up on all things truck-related here.