You Won't Believe It, But Color Changing Tea Exists!

We've discovered a brand new, fun way to drink tea. Bluechai Tea is the name of a self-proclaimed "purveyor of exotic and unique teas and cocktails ingredients." This brand specializes in color-changing tea, and best of all, it's organic!

The secret is a dried mixture of butterfly pea flowers and lemongrass. As you can see in the picture below, these flowers are blue, which is what gives the tea its exotic blue color.

Collecting #Bluechai flowers this morning in our garden - get your #organic #blue #tea at

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As if blue tea wasn't entertaining enough, an even more exciting aspect of Bluechai tea is that it changes to pink when lemon is added! Call me easily impressed, if you will, I'm not ashamed.

According to a Metro News reviewer, the tea itself tastes "delicate, with a slightly floral [flavor]." This delicate taste can be easily overrun by the overzealous adding of lemon for color changing effects, so be careful! Unless you'd prefer to drink blue/purplish/pink lemonade. In that case, go for it!

If the taste of the tea is not for you, you can still buy the butterfly pea flower color-changing extract and add it to whatever you please. You can color your foods as well! Try blue rice instead of white rice and blue popsicles and cake frosting while you're at it.