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You'll Love These 9 Rich Pecan Desserts (Recipes)

I'm obsessed with the rich, buttery taste of pecans! The crunchy, delicate nuts are incredible raw, roasted, plain or candied, and I love every variety, especially when they find their way into a sweet, sticky dessert.

1. Butter Pecan Fudge

Softy, chewy, sweet non-chocolate fudge benefits tremendously from the excellent texture of the slightly crunchy pecans. If you want to elevate this further, you can always replace some of the sugar with a lovely maple syrup.

2. Bourbon Pecan Pie Milkshake

Pie slice + ice cream + milk + bourbon + blender = AMAZING. Even lazy chefs can make this one!

3. Pecan Pie Cheesecake Bars

To be fair, I've never met a cheesecake I didn't like, but even so, there is just something really special about topping your favorite cheesecake bars with a layer of crunchy, sweet pecan pie. Amazing!

4. Chocolate Pecan Pie Truffles

Not that anyone should be expected to have "leftover pecan pie" on hand (is that really a thing? I don't think so), but if you are able to spare half a pie and want to make something unique out of it, pulse it in the food processor with a bit of chocolate and bourbon and form it into the most decadent truffles ever.

5. Pecan Cobbler

A few minutes are all you need to assemble this tender, addicting and smooth dish. If you've never had cobbler without fruit, you'll want to try this.

6. Pecan Pie Cupcakes

This recipe would have had me at the brown sugar cupcakes. Once you factor in silky pecan pie buttercream and sprinkle some toasted pecans on top, you are in for something truly unforgettable.

7. Pecan Sticky Wedges

What the heck is a sticky wedge? I'm glad you asked. A sticky wedge is basically a giant sticky bun rolled up into log, so that it can pass for a cake or simply an excuse to do a little less work. Plus, you get more gooey innards this way, which is always a bonus.

8. Chocolate-Pecan Mousse Tart

These easy, fluffy bars get even more exciting when you realize that you can cut out a lot of the work by making and freezing the crust in advance, so that you always have an easy dessert at the ready for when you need it.

9. Bourbon Pecan Pound Cake

The bourbon mostly cooks out to leave little alcohol but tons of deep richness, although you can certainly omit it if you'd prefer. Either way, this moist, fluffy and ever so slightly tangy delight will tantalize your tastebuds.