Your Car Has A Built-In Fast-Food Warmer (Photos)

Let's face it. Cold takeaway might as well be taken away. No one enjoys tepid, watered-down soda, cold soggy fries, or a stiffened patty squished below a rubbery cheese square. Fast-food, like its namesake, is meant to be eaten fast.

It's disappointing to race home to find your takeaway dinner had gone cold during the drive. Instead of blind rage, you can do what this one Twitter user did, and retreat back to those middle school project days when an egg was a V.I.P. (Very Important Poultry) strapped into your popsicle-made aircraft and prepared for an uncertain voyage over the football bleachers: You protect it like a passenger.

Take note: In transit, your rapidly cooling McDonald's bag should sit in the passenger seat, with your car's built-in, insulated food-delivery pad. Most cars have them, don't you know? Two words: heated seats.

It's a Twitter-guaranteed life hack. Just securely strap your three-hour-overtime to-go bag in the front passenger seat with the seat warmers on and drive home, reassured that your Thai soup will not congeal by the time you get home.

Twitter was impressed and reliably shook by the Twitter user's pro tip, many deeming his discovery an act of "pure genius."

One user tweeted, "It's mind-blowing how random people on Twitter can change my life this much."

This hack works both ways. Or in other words, ice cream can be kept cold in transit. Consolidate all the cold items in the back seat and crank the AC way, way up like this Twitter user, pictured below.

Another tip came from a Twitter user who said her brother kept his food warm with a hot water bottle. If you're not lucky enough to have heated seats in your car, do as this one Metro writer suggested -- blast the heater towards the foot mats and keep your food on the floor in front of the passenger seat.

The internet is so full of genius life hacks that you begin to wonder where the line is drawn between hack, laziness and madness -- like this one, pictured below.