Your Dreams Are Coming True: Healthy Gummy Bears Exist (Photos)

Healthy junk food is one of those things that many of us dream about. But let's face it, it's rare to see a well-executed version that can completely satisfy a craving without some mental gymnastics.

Gummy bears are certainly no exception to this. With the hilariously disastrous short-term effects that tons of people have said the sugar-free gummies have on their digestion, there's certainly a bit of risk involved when you decide to snack on them, and many folks don't feel that this is worth it.

Now, thanks to two guys' genius idea, healthy, organic matcha gummies are coming, and they are jam-packed with nutritious powdered green tea that you don't need to boil water, measure and stir to enjoy. The gummies are devoid of gluten, nuts, milk or soy, so a lot of people with dietary restrictions can enjoy the supplements too.

"We have always been tea lovers and Green Tea connoisseurs," Adam and Jahangir, the creators of Matcha Bears, wrote on the product's Kickstarter page. "Our affinity for matcha grew once we realized it had so much more to offer than regular tea. It kick starts healthy lifestyles, and has helped Adam lose an abundance of weight in a healthy, sustainable way."

Matcha has many health benefits; the green powder is said to boost metabolism and is packed with antioxidants fiber, chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals that include vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium, according to Matcha Source. Nutritionally, matcha has 137 times more antioxidants than your typical steeped green tea. Plus you'd have to drink around 10 cups of the stuff to even come close to the perks you get from matcha.

"One day, when thinking about matcha, Adam's mind wandered, thinking about edible forms of matcha, and he saw that the market was saturated with cakes, cookies, and other delectable, sugary sweets," reads the Kickstarter description. "There were no real 'healthy' edible forms of matcha, and Adam knew that needed to change."

So far, the gelatin-free supplements have 79 backers who have pledged $7,435 out of their $15,000 goal, as of the evening of Sept. 26.

If you want a month's supply of the stuff, you can pledge at least $20. There are a few more increments up to $200, which will get you as much as a year's supply of the bears.