Your Food Mentality Based on Your Zodiac Element

Your Food Mentality Based on Your Zodiac Element

Earth Element

Earth Zodiac You want density. You desire foods that are fueled with energy to power you through the day. You have no time to waste on light meals; time is money, ya feel me. You are meticulous when it comes to tracking carbohydrates, protein, sugar, sodium… you name it. You measure it. You are here to thrive and you do exactly that.  

Air Element

Air Zodiac Your crown chakra is fully engaged with the Universal consciousness. You gravitate towards being “one” with the animals so you jump on the vegan bandwagon. You can’t wrap your mind around dairy and meat, as that cow in is true brother (cue the tears). The more the meal tastes like grass and dirt, the better.  

Water Element

Water Zodiac You want your meal to flow like you do; like a river on a calm afternoon just trickling through the rocks and curves that life throws. You opt for liquid-like meals: smoothies, soups, juice… anything that gets your water element flowing. You also do not want anything too crazy flavor-wise, as you’re a sensitive creature.  

Fire Element

Fire Zodiac You usually find yourself dining out because you are impatient and want food, like, NOW. Bring on the heat; add more fuel to the fire radiating within you. Typically, you carry your own bottle of hot sauce with you to dunk on just about everything. You are also fearless when it comes to trying new food. There are no boundaries for you whatsoever.   Source