Your Servers True Reaction Behind that Smile

Your Servers True Reaction Behind that Smile

For anyone who has worked as a server, these are common scenarios that make you boil internally. However, being the service professional you are, you cover it up with a sly smile to ensure your guest has no indication on how you truly feel.  

Scenario One:

Guest: We are ready to order! Oh, ah… wait… hmm… Server: Sir, do you need a couple more minutes? **Restaurant is frantically busy** Guest: No we are ready… hmmm…. Let’s see… where was it…. **Takes another 5 minutes for them to muster their order** Scenario 1    

Scenario Two:

**Guest tries telling their life story** Scenario 2  

Scenario Three:

**Guest hands over empty plate and cracks a joke that is not original, whatsoever** Guest: Clearly, it was horrible! HAHA Scenario 3

Scenario Four:

**Guest continuously needs 20 drink refills throughout dining experience** Scenario 4  

Scenario Five:

Guest: Excuse me, can I have a water? Server: Of course, would anyone else like water? **Gesturing to the rest of the guests that are water-free** **No one answers** **Grabs single water for the individual and returns to table** Another guest at the table: Excuse me, can I have a water? Scenario 5  

Scenario Six:

Guest: So, who are you voting for this election? Scenario 6  

Scenario Seven:

Guest: So, I’m going to have the organic spinach salad but… **modifies the entire thing** Scenario 7   Moral of this is, well, keep that smile plastered. Moral of the story