Al Pastor Taco Pizza

Al Pastor Taco Pizza

Al Pastor Taco Pizza

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Guest recipe by My Name Is Yeh

Some of you have tasted taco al pastor and others have tried pizza with taco topping, but have you tried Pizza al pastor? Well, today we will be making this tasty pizza with taco topping, it is as crazy as it is delicious. You want it to be as fresh as a taco al pastor. For that you want all your ingredients to be fresh and ready to serve. As you want to make the dough as tasty as possible, you would want to make your dough the day before and also marinate your meat.

So on the second day, you just need to cook your meat, assemble and bake. Pizza making is just hard because we have to make the dough from scratch, but once you take that out, it’s an easy and smooth process that just takes assembling and proper cooking. We will prepare our al pastor tacos pizza topping, the first thing we will do is to mix the crucial ingredients in a food processor pineapple juice, vinegar, garlic, oregano, paprika, salt, cumin, black pepper, cloves, and chiles.

You want to mix and make sure the sauce is smooth and all the ingredients are blended in. For the main protein we want to use pork, but you can replace it with beef steak if you don’t feel like eating pork or don’t like it at all. Beef also goes really well with tacos and should be a good replacement for those of you looking for a different protein. Another good replacement is fish. Blend everything together your protein and your sauce, let your meat rest and marinate up to 4 hours or could be let to rest overnight.

So in the meantime, you can work on your pizza dough. Once you have your pizza dough and your meat has marinated for up to 4 hours or if you let it overnight you should be able to assemble. First, we want to cook our meat, in this recipe we used pork. So, we need to remove the pork from the marinade and cook it. You can also cook pineapple rings and cut everything into small pieces.

If you have a pizza stone, make sure your oven is set at 500 degrees Fahrenheit and get a surface to assemble your pizza. Add tomatillo salsa, queso fresco, al pastor, and your cut pineapple. Let your pizza bake for 10 minutes, or until the borders turn to gold and the cheese melts and show marks. To finish, add more cheese, salsa, onions, lime and slice it and enjoy. 

This Al pastor taco pizza is a good treat, strong and fresh ingredients that will make this pizza a good one to enjoy with a margarita or a tequila cocktail. Each bite is full of flavor and it’s just delicious. You won’t find anything like it. Well, maybe a taco al pastor is the closest resemblance you can find for it. Make your dough and marinade the night before to save some time.