Ant & Dec's Blackened Cod||Ant & Dec's Blackened Cod

Ant & Dec's Blackened Cod

Ant & Dec's Blackened Cod||Ant & Dec's Blackened Cod

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Guest recipe by Jamie Oliver

It's a lot happening in the world right now, but one thing doesn't change great food! You don't have to go out to enjoy this delicious Ant and Dec's blackened cod, you can make this right at home!

Cravings can get pretty intense real quick, but it doesn't have to get to that, please your taste buds and satisfy your stomach urges with the incredibly delicious blackened cod. So, if you just like fish or need to include extra protein in your diet, this recipe is the one for you. You can prep it for your packed lunches for the week and not get tired of it!

If you want to try this dish and you've never made this before. Don't worry, we promise you it's not as complicated as it looks, this recipe is as easy as it gets and can be made in a matter of minutes.

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