Apple Cider Sangria

Apple Cider Sangria

Apple Cider Sangria

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A different way to prepare the perfect gathering cocktail, Sangria. Everyone loves Sangria, this sweet, rich cocktail, fill with our favorite fruits, species, and alcohol. It’s a refreshing drink that goes well with the coming summer. Drink it at brunch, festivities, gatherings, in a bar, for a cocktail night.

You choose when to make this, you can’t say no to Sangria. With many different ways to make Sangria, mixing with different cocktails, wine, fruits you can make your own recipe if you get your mindset to it. Today’s recipe we are going to be mixing Sangria with new species, crips touch to your regular cocktail to make it more special. In this recipe, wine won’t be used we will be replacing our main ingredient with something else, apple cider. Instead of grapes, our main fruit will be apples. Interesting right?

As everyone knows to make sangria you need basic ingredients, fruits, wine (which we will replace with apple cider), good brandy, and whiskey, you could use any whiskey you desire, keeping in mind not to choose a whiskey that doesn’t opaque the flavor of your sangria, this is a common mistake as sometimes people find strong sangrias instead of the rich fruity flavor we are used to.

Another thing we need is sparkling water, sparkling wine, or even a bottle of prosecco this adds another kick to the sangria but if you don’t want to add that extra kick, you can keep it low with just sparkling water, it will still do the job. The good thing about Sangria is that is not hard to make a drink, it follows clear instructions and the preparation time isn’t as long as with other cocktails, the only thing you need to do is to get all your ingredients, slice your fruits and get a jar where you plan to mix everything together. 

Once you have your ingredients sorted out and your fruits all chopped. It’s time to begin preparing the Sangria. The first to do is to is pour all your ingredients in the jar, brandy, whiskey, apple cider, and sparkling water, wine, or prosecco. The order will not affect the final result, add your fruits, and then add some spices to power up your sangria, a couple of cinnamon twigs, star-shaped anise.

You could also add some pomegranate seeds or dried cherries or cranberries. Blend everything together, make sure the alcohol doesn’t just stay in the bottom, once you give a good stir to all your ingredients, everything looks good, taste it to know it has the right level of everything, its ready to serve. Remember with Sangria you go big or you go home, so don’t make a small jar, get yourself a big one, so you have enough for everyone, trust us.

Everyone will be asking for more, once they get a taste of this tasty recipe. Some say chilled Sangria is better as the fruits absorb the alcohol so it adds more flavor to it. And a trick to keep in mind is to add the sparkling water or wine before serving to give it a kick to it.