Black bean brownie bites

Black Bean Brownie Bites

Black bean brownie bites

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Guest recipe by Green kitchen stories.

Looking for a lighter way to make brownies but without harming their rich chocolatey, crisp flavor? Well, there is a special ingredient that can add that sweetness to your brownies and keep it on the low for calories. Black beans, as crazy as it sounds. And to make it over the top light, we are going to be making an avocado, frosting. These won’t be just brownies, they will be more of an energy bar tasting like brownies.

You can make them sweet, vegan, or just regular sweet as the recipe calls for black beans. For our brownie mix, we will need soft dates, cooked black beans, and olive oil, regular milk, and 3 eggs. Also flour, cacao powder, baking powder, and a pinch of salt. If you like nuts, you can use a handful of them to add extra crunchiness. And for the frosting, we are going to use 6 soft dates, coconut oil, coffee, cacao powder, and one avocado. Once we have our ingredients gathered, we want to turn on the oven at 350 Fahrenheit degrees.

Then we want to get our soft dates and the black beans and blend them together or use a food processor for it. Then add the milk and eggs, (without it for vegans) until you get the smooth blend. Add your flour, can also use almond or oat flour and cacao powder, baking powder, and salt. Mix it up until you get a homogeneous blend. Then simply add your blend and set your baking dish and let your brownies bake for 30 minutes, or until they are firm to touch.

Let them cool outside for 20 minutes. The next thing we want to do is the frosting, here we mix all our ingredients, until smooth. Check for sweetness, the syrup is a good replacement if you want a sweeter mix and for a richer flavor, you can always go with more cacao powder. Layout the frosting on the cool brownies, dust some sea salt, and place them in the fridge. Once cool, you will have a tasty, black bean brownie with a smooth avocado chocolate frosting. It sounds crazy, but it’s creamy, sweet, delicious, and tender texture while keeping that brownie flavor we all love.

This is a good substitute for those looking for a vegan recipe, you can simply replace some ingredients, just leave the eggs, add chickpea water and more oat flour. This version needs an extra 15-25 minutes in the oven. Which will set once they are cool. Make this not only for vegans, but try out this healthy, yet delicious brownie recipe, if you are one always looking for a way to cut carbs while still eating what you want, this will be a perfect recipe for you. Or if you just like to try the best brownie recipes out there, this one is also for you. Whether you are looking to keep the sugar low, or just trying to find your next favorite dessert, this recipe can be done within minutes, just gather all the ingredients, blend together. Let them bake and spread the brownies with the creamy avocado chocolate frosting for a creamy, chocolatey bite.