Candied Bacon-Wrapped Pineapple

Candied Bacon-Wrapped Pineapple

Candied Bacon-Wrapped Pineapple

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Guest recipe by The Cafe Sucre Farine

Sometimes when we have friends or family gatherings we are looking for better and simpler ways to make delicious appetizers that can be served and eaten without much struggle. Everyone loves bacon so anything that has bacon in it, over or simply some slices will be something that everyone will like to put their hands on.

So this recipe of Candied Bacon wrapped pineapple is one of those, served in skewers, it can be arranged easily in any platter with some delicious sauce to dip in, and is as easy as picking one, and enjoying them. No much time or ingredients are needed to make these delicious treats, it is simple and time savior. We are going to prepare a Honey-Siracha as our dipping sauce, sweet and spicy will be a perfect match for our caramel bacon pineapple.

Another thing about the recipe that is simple to make and yet is still delicious. We need some smoked bacon for our Candied Bacon Wrapped Pinneaple, chunks of fresh and juicy pineapple, and brown sugar. For the Honey-Siracha sauce, we will use honey, sriracha, soy sauce, fresh lime juice, and cilantro stems.

We are going to mix all the ingredients of the Honey Siracha sauce and place it on a nice bowl or glass so your guests can dip and enjoy it easily without making a mess. After getting your oven at 400ºF, we are cutting in half our bacon strips, cut 20 chunks of pineapple, and wrap them with your half bacon strip. Then take your rolls and pass them through brown sugar which you should put on a large plate. And add some more if it doesn’t stick with it. Arrange your rolls in your pan and bake them for 25 minutes.

Stay around and check to avoid them getting burned as the corners usually cook faster than the center, if they look gold or brown is a good time to remove them from the oven. Dry them with some paper towel before placing them on your platter. Add your dipping sauce in the center and serve it nicely for your guests to enjoy.

This recipe as proof from the instructions is easy to make, you just need the basic ingredients, bacon, sugar, pineapple to make the rolls, by wrapping your pineapple with bacon strips and covering it with brown sugar to get the caramelized touch. The oven does the whole job, your task is just to roll them nicely and make sure everything is wrapped up and doesn’t break.

The dipping sauce is really easy to make, by mixing the ingredients and serving in a nice recipient it should be ready to go and serve. Enjoy this on a nice summer afternoon or for a friend's night. Simple, quick, and tasty, the dipping will give it an extra kick and the platter will be gone before you even notice. No waste with this recipe, have fun with it. And enjoy it in your next gathering.