Cheese Enchiladas of My Dreams||Cheese Enchiladas of My Dreams

Cheese Enchiladas of My Dreams

Cheese Enchiladas of My Dreams||Cheese Enchiladas of My Dreams

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Guest recipe by How Sweet Treats

How insanely delicious does that homemade enchilada look? Are you drooling yet? Ha-ha, we bet you are. When it comes to Mexican food, for us its check check check, so anytime we bring you Mexican dishes we get excited! Did we mention these enchiladas are made with cheese? Cheese combined with other rich Mexican ingredients to make a super luscious dish – how fantastic is that?

So to all the cheese lovers out there, don’t sleep on this one. This cheese enchilada is packed with a sauce rich in flavors, wrapped around a tortilla and filled with the combo of creamy queso chihuahua cheese and delicious sharp white cheddar cheese. What a time to be alive! Cheese enchiladas are easy to make at home and takes roughly 10 minutes. Everything about this dish screams perfection – the texture, the richness, and the flavors.

They are so good they go away fast; there are no leftovers with this recipe! They are perfect for a family breakfast or picnic. You can make a whole lot of them and enjoy throughout the week switching up your serving options from salad to Mexican rice to avocado toast to veggies and toppings of your choice. This recipe uses corn tortillas (highly recommended) but you can use flour tortillas also. If you don’t have much time on your hands you can make use of a canned enchilada sauce, but we do recommend you make the sauce yourself for extra rich flavors. Cheese Enchiladas of My Dreams