Chicken and avocado burritos

Chicken And Avocado Burritos

Chicken and avocado burritos

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Guest recipe by Closet cooking

Everyone loves burritos, that toasted warm tortilla, every bite is a taste of heaven. Delicious filling right? You get me. Today we will be making one of my all-time ingredients into a burrito, chicken, and avocado. I mean avocado and chicken go well with anything. Literally, anything, try me if you think I’m wrong. For this recipe, we will need burrito sized tortillas, and we need to warm them in a pan or microwave, or oven. You choose how to do it.

One pound of chicken which we will shred into thin layers, one large diced avocado, and Monterrey jack cheese, shredded. And for our other ingredients, salsa verde, sour cream, and cilantro. All this will be our burrito filling, obviously, you can get creative and add other things like pico de gallo, hot sauce (remember we are using Monterrey jack cheese), but for those who don’t like spicy food you can go for cheddar cheese that will be a good replacement for our Monterrey.

Cook your chicken as you usually do, add some taco flavoring if you will prefer or you can just do it for you. Chop all your vegetables and leave everything aside. Once your chicken is ready, warm up your tortillas, spread your salsa verde and sour cream, add up your chicken and avocado, pour some salsa verde, Monterey jack cheese, and close it up. Remember cheese goes well bottom or top, so it can melt properly when grilled.

You can leave some sauces for dipping, as these burritos are easily done, you just need to cook the chicken, and while it’s cooking you get your vegetables ready and is just assemble, serve and eat. Burritos are a comfortable, delicious, and easy way to make dinner. You can add anything you want to it, make it simple, make it fancy, however you like. Nothing goes wrong with burritos, like beans? Add them, don’t like them, don’t add them. Is that easy?

If you think the recipe is too easy, as it is. You can make some margaritas to go with it, to make the whole experience as loyal as possible. Or serve with any preferred drink. We just need to get creative with this easy-prep meals, as they leave us with soo much time to spare. It is good to add something else, an extra dip, make some special drink, or even a nice and simple desert-like Nutella flautas or flautas filled with dulce de leche.

So, get your protein, chicken, beef, pork, get your vegetables, get your tortilla. (Corn ones for gluten-free). Assemble everything together, grill, so your cheese and ingredients are warm and gooey when you take a bite and enjoy it. It can be done within 20 minutes and eaten in less than half of it. No hard process, no strict rules or ingredients to follow, tacos and burritos, and anything made of flatbread or tortillas are open for suggestions, add your preferred ingredients and make it as tasty and favorable as you desire.