Ciabatta Panzanella Kabobs with honey goat cheese dressing

Ciabatta Panzanella Kabobs with Honey Goat Cheese Dressing

Ciabatta Panzanella Kabobs with honey goat cheese dressing

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Guest recipe by My Name Is Yeh

Keeping party snacks on one hand makes it easier for guests to enjoy a celebration. Try these handy ciabatta panzanella kabobs for your next party. We are going to use goat cheese dressing, ciabatta cubes, prosciutto, spinach, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and peppers.
This recipe yields 8 sandwich kabobs.

Cut your ciabatta loaf into cubes and heat them in a skillet with olive oil, salt, and pepper for seasoning. Chop the vegetables into wages, so we can easily pin them in together.
To arrange your skewers, slide a ciabatta cube top the top, followed by spinach, prosciutto, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and pepper. Finish the skewer off with another cube.
For our honey goat cheese dressing, we are going to mix goat cheese, olive oil, white wine vinegar, honey, milk, salt, and pepper.

Place the kabob on a platter; you can either drizzle the kabobs with the dressing or place it as a dipping sauce.