Easiest Egg Fried Rice||Fried rice never tasted better.||Easiest Egg Fried Rice

Easiest Egg Fried Rice

Easiest Egg Fried Rice||Fried rice never tasted better.||Easiest Egg Fried Rice

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Guest recipe by Emmanuel Ojodun

Fried rice never tasted better.

Who doesn’t like a good bowl of fried rice, especially rice mixed with the savory flavor of eggs, vegetables, and soy sauce – seriously who doesn’t? Everyone should have a good fried rice recipe in their cookbooks.

This is ours, and we are generous enough to share it with you – you’re welcome. This recipe is like Beyoncé’s verse on Megan’s song – yes, that’s how great it is. Egg fried rice is one of the easiest to make and you only need 4 ingredients; rice, eggs, vegetables, and soy sauce. These ingredients are healthy, filled with flavor and mouth-watering.

This recipe is classic and it tastes just fantastic with your favorite Chinese dishes. For this recipe, packaged pre-cooked rice was used. The packages usually contain 2 cups of cooked rice, so 2 packages should suffice. The demerit is that it is a bit expensive than buying rice and doing the cooking yourself. Also, you can use day-old rice.

The reason is simple; freshly cooked rice is moist and steamy which will result in the fried rice being mushy. I recommend cooking the rice yourself and leaving it in the fridge till the next day to make it much drier and separate the rice grains, but hey, whichever’s convenient for you. Also, get creative with vegetables and combine corn, peas, and carrots or any other veggie of your choice. If you’ve been looking for a go-to dish for busy weekends this is for you.

Once you get a hang of this method you’ll be able to turn day-old rice with other necessary ingredients into a yummy meal. This is guaranteed to be your family’s favorite once you make this for them using this special recipe. Why go to Chinese food restaurants when you can make this at home. So grab all the required ingredients and let’s get started! 

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