Easy baked flautas (taquitos)

Easy Baked Flautas (Taquitos)

Easy baked flautas (taquitos)

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Guest recipe by A Couple Cooks

Crunchy baked tortillas, with an interesting filling, easy to make, and delicious to the taste. It can be made with flour or corn tortillas. Either way, the result will be the same, spectacular. Looking for a variation of light and vegetarian snacks, well this is a nice option for that. Filled with a vegetarian mix, this snack is not only taste, its good to be served with a variety of salsas, who doesn’t love salsas? To dip in.

Easy to make, by just rolling our tortillas, filling them and baking them, to get that extra crunch that separates flautas to regular wraps or tortillas. As noted, instead of making fried flautas, we are going to bake them so they can get golden and crispy. Usually, flautas are filled with meat and other coming fillings for tacos, but here we are going for a lighter filling that will still taste like a flauta without growing inside of you like one.

These are not typical flautas, but a tasty and light version of them. For our filling, we will be using a mix of refried beans, onions, chili powder and cheddar cheese. For the tortilla and sauces, we will use as many tortillas as you plan to have, olive oil for prepping and salt. As for our dippings, you can make, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, and even mix hot sauce with sour cream to get a pink spicy and sour sauce. For starters we want our oven to be ready at 425 degrees Fahrenheit and prep a baking sheet with paper, as the sauce usually spills when baking it will make the cleaning easier.

Second, we will chop our onions and make sure that our refried beans are well seasoned, you can add salt and cumin to season or if they taste good for you, there is no need to season them. For our filling, we want to mix everything together, our refried beans, salsa, chili powder, and our cheddar cheese. And for those using corn tortillas, it’s better to fry them in a pan with a little olive oil to avoid them breaking. At least they look brittle it’s useful to heat them before rotating them.

Then we want to lay our tortillas and add 2 spoons of our mixture, without overfilling them, roll the tortilla as the filling will even fill it, place it side down on the baking sheet, do this with all the tortillas. Once you have a pan filled with beautifully rolled tortillas, brush them with olive oil and add a little bit of salt.

Let them bake for 15 to 20 minutes top, or until crisp and golden. If you overfilled them some of it will come out at the end, if not they should remain still. Cool them before eating and serve with your preferred sauce and enjoy them. This is a lighter version of flautas, vegetarian one we could say that work as a great snack and its easily made. No harsh process and the baking makes it even easier as there is no need to fry or grease your stove.