Frozen Yogurt Berry Bites Recipe


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Guest recipe by Heidi Kundin

These creamy frozen yogurt berry bites are just as good for you as they look. Made with your favorite fresh fruits and Greek yogurt, it sure packs a refreshingly nutritious flavor. The bites offer a fulfilling way of cooling down on a hot summer day while relaxing out by the pool. They are the perfect afternoon snack for children and adults alike. Sure to be a party favorite!

This recipe is easily customizable. Mix it up with your favorite fruits for a nice variety of colors. Use red, white and blue for Memorial day or the 4th of July. With so many options to choose from, they make the perfect dish for nearly any holiday get together. It's not too often you stumble across a delicious food that is also healthy for you. There's nothing not to like about these yogurt bites. I bet you won't be able to eat just one, and for once that's not a bad thing!

Incredibly simple to make. They require minimal ingredients and practically no cooking time. You can just pop them in the freezer while you go on about your day. It's so simple you can even have the kids make them as a fun afternoon project. You can even make a variety of fun shapes and sizes using different types of ice trays. Your family and friends will thank you for making these. Treat everyone to some delicious and nutritious treats this summer. Just make sure you keep a copy of the recipe to share!