DIY Ricotta Cheese

DIY Ricotta Cheese

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DIY Ricotta Cheese
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  • 1 gallon whole milk
  • 1 teaspoon citric acid


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Once you make your own ricotta cheese, you won't be able to go back to storebought!
  1. Pour milk into a 4-quart pot and set it over medium heat. Let it warm gradually to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, monitoring the temperature with an instant-read thermometer. The milk will get foamy and start to steam; remove it from the heat if it starts to boil.
  2. Stir in citric acid and remove milk from heat.
  3. Let the milk sit for 10 minutes, gradually stirring. After this time, the milk should have separated into clumps of milky white curds and thin, watery, yellow-colored whey. If you still see a lot of un-separated milk, add another tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar and wait a few more minutes.
  4. Strain milk into a bowl. You can scoop the big curds out with a slotted spoon.
  5. Drain curds for 10 to 60 minutes, depending on how wet or dry you like your ricotta. If it gets too try, stir in some of the whey.
  6. Use in lasagna, on toast, or in any recipe that calls for ricotta. Can be stored in the fridge for up to one week in an airtight container.