Instant Pot Italian beef.

Instant Pot Italian Beef

Instant Pot Italian beef.

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Easy to make sandwiches, messy to eat. But still a delicious sandwich with just the right ingredients, the powerful and rich flavor of beef. With other ingredients that make of this sandwich a must-do recipe. If you want a sandwich of which you fall in love with every bite then this is the right one for you.

Everything goes inside the pot, all your ingredients, you let them cook and then you shred your beef, you will have a well shredded and tasty beef. Once you have that you want to set your bread and other ingredients, such as your vegetable and other things.

You mount your sandwich together and every bite will be a juicy, delicious mess. For the Italian Beef, you will need 3 pounds of beef, which you should cut into wedges. Minced Garlic, a diced onion, dried oregano, and basil. Beef broth, paprika, onion and garlic powder, and red pepper flakes. Salt and pepper at the taste. And for the sandwiches, your bread, provolone cheese, or any preferred cheese and some homemade or bought hot or Mild Giardiniera.

The first thing you want to do is to combine all the Italian beef ingredients in your pot and let them cook for over 60 minutes. Once your beef is well cook, shred it and leave the broth in the pot. Prep your bread with slices of cheese and put it to melt. Then add your beef and giardiniera. The stored broth you can serve it with the sandwich, so you can dip your sandwich in it, making it juicier, every bite will be an experience of flavor, cheese, juice, and joy.

This recipe isn’t hard to do; while you have to wait for the meat to cook in the pot, you can move forward with the bread so that you can have crunchy and crips bread to accompany your Instant pot Italian beef. The time in which your beef will be ready will depend in the size of your meet, that’s why is better to cut it to the smallest chunks lump you can that way it can cook faster.

Make this for your family for a tasty dinner, put sauces, so everyone can add something extra to it, spicy, mustard, ketchup, or make your own sauces. This sandwich is just perfect for quick meal prep when you want to try something different and not just a simple sandwich or hamburger. Get that beef to good use, let it cook in your crockpot, shred and mount and serve. Not hard to make, just instructions to follow.

Season everything well and let your beef cook correctly so you can end with that tenderness feeling that melts in your mouth, and that your beef is juicy and not dry. That’s why the time is cooked is so essential as well as all the ingredients that are with it. What are you waiting for? Make this the next time you want to surprise your family and enlighten them with this Instant Pot Italian beef recipe, they will love it and so will you