Love Potion Vodka Cocktail

Love Potion Vodka Cocktail

Serves: 2 people
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time: 5 minutes
Love Potion Vodka Cocktail


  • 1/3 cup vodka
  • 1/4 cup peach schnapps or peach liqueur
  • 1 cup ruby red grapefruit juice (or any red juice with cherry or raspberry in it)


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Looking for a new way to impress your guest? A cocktail that is not only appealing but sweet and strong? Well we got the perfect cocktail for casual nights, brunch, or even for a Friday dinner with the family or friends. Colorful, great flavor, and practical cocktail. It can be done with a few ingredients and is really quick and simple.

This cocktail comes handy for any occasion, family and friends, casual night, valentines? Its color makes it appealing and while it might frighten those strong drinkers, the flavor will convey them to keep going. This is a fun way to use vodka and still have a good drink. With just three ingredients you can get the party started.

This cocktail works like a love potion, people will fall in love with it after they taste it. And even with the bartender who made it. For this simple and yet rich drink you will need basic ingredients, a bottle of vodka, your preferred one, grapefruit juice, and peach schnapps. You can easily substitute the peach or grapefruit juice, try not to substitute the peach schnapps as it adds a powerful taste to the drink, you could choose something that blends with peach for your drink. If you want to replace the grapefruit juice try it to be a red juice as it will maintain the color and won’t affect the taste or esthetic of the drink.

Which is what makes it special, the pink clear color is what makes this love potion magical. After you have everything set and ready it's just to begin pouring, mixing, and shaking. Before starting you may want to garnish your glass to give it that extra touch and make your glass as appealing as your drink, sugar, and cherries could do the job or you can get creative and add something else to it. Make it pop, make your guest love the glass and the drink in it.

Gather your ingredients, the vodka of your choice get at least ⅓ cup and 1 cup of red juice, any fruit of your choice, and the peach liqueur. Once your glasses are ready and garnished. Then, add all ingredients and enough ice to give the perfect temperature to your cocktail and add them in a cocktail shaker until cold, in case of not having a cocktail shaker, you could add everything in a coffee mug, block the sipper and shake.

It’s a handy way to replace a cocktail shaker, and it's fun to do as well. Serve cold into your garnished glasses and then add or garnish your drink with cherries, strawberries, or something sweet, as preferred. Delight your guests with this easy and tasty cocktail, make it your own and add different garnishes, and replace the grapefruit juice with something that suits more your taste or your guests. Simple, attractive, delicious cocktail that will bewitch anyone who dare to drink it. Don’t waste more time. Get creative and prepare this love potion for your guests, the result will be happy and enamored guests that will ask for more cocktails.

  1. Rim glasses in a bit of corn syrup and sugar if desired. Set aside.
  2. Add ice to cocktail shaker, then add all ingredients. Cover shaker and shake a few times until cold. Pour into prepared glasses.
  3. Garnish with a toothpick with maraschino cherries and strawberries if preferred.