Slow cooker steak fajitas with chili-lime cream

Slow Cooker Steak Fajitas with Chili-Lime Cream

Slow cooker steak fajitas with chili-lime cream

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Guest recipe by Our Best Bites

Slow cookers are known as life saviors; you can either leave it overnight or start it early in the morning. There are many recipes that you throw everything in, and it comes out tasty, ready to serve.

To make our flavorful fajitas, we will cut the steak and vegetables into strips. Then place everything in the cooker with the meat on the bottom and cook for 4 to 6 hours (this way, the meat, and veggies are tender).

This gives you enough time to prep other dishes, like the Chili-Lime sauce, that will add an extra kick that our fajitas deserve! You will want to start the sauce with enough time for it to chill before serving.

Once your meat is ready, heat tortillas, get the Chili-Lime sauce and set out any side dishes you have prepped. It's time to party!