Spinach Noodles||Spinach Noodles

Spinach Noodles

Spinach Noodles||Spinach Noodles

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Guest recipe by The Woks of Life

Do you need extra methods of adding veggies to your meal? How about you try these homemade spinach noodles! These noodles are aromatically and aesthetically pleasing – they are green in color, honestly, you should see how beautiful and vibrant they look.

You don’t want to buy these luscious green spinach noodles at the store because they don’t taste as good as making them yourself at home. This recipe is as easy as it gets – we know we say that every time but for real they are EASY and can be served with Chinese dishes or your favorite Italian dishes. Sometimes you just want to add or even change your meal options. These Spinach noodles are perfect for lunch, so go ahead and make your family this tasty dish and watch the delighted and surprised look on their faces. Enjoy!