Sugar Bowl

Sugar Bowl

Serves: 3540 People
Cooking Time: 10 minutes
Sugar Bowl


  • ½ cup + 3 Tbsp Granulated Sugar
  • ¼ cup Corn Syrup
  • 37.5 mL Water
  • Food Gel Coloring
  • 1 Balloon
  • Ice Cream, for serving


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  1. Layout a long sheet of aluminum foil and place it onto the work surface. Place a small ramekin in the center of the sheet of foil.
  2. Fill a balloon with water until it is about 4 inches in diameter and tie the end. Dry the balloon with paper towels and place it onto the ramekin with the tied side down.
  3. Spray the balloon and ramekin with cooking spray.
  4. In a small pot, add in the granulated sugar, corn syrup, and water. Heat the mixture over medium heat and mix until the sugar is dissolved.
  5. Wet a pastry brush with water and use it to brush down any sugar crystals that are on the sides of the pot.
  6. Heat the sugar mixture and allow it to bubble for about 8-10 minutes, without stirring, or until it reaches 300˚F.
  7. Remove the pot from the heat and allow the bubbles to settle.
  8. Add in a few drops of the food gel coloring and mix until you reach your desired coloring.
  9. Pour all of the sugar mixtures on top of the balloon and allow it to drip down the sides.
  10. Let the sugar cool on top of the balloon for about 30 minutes.
  11. When the sugar has hardened, carefully remove the balloon from the ramekin.
  12. Hold the balloon over a bowl or a sink. Use a pin or needle to poke a small hole at the bottom of the balloon and allow the water to drain until the balloon has deflated.
  13. Carefully remove the balloon from the sugar bowl.
  14. Flip the sugar bowl so that the drips are facing upward and fill with ice cream. Enjoy!