Sugar Cookie Taco Tar

Sugar Cookie Taco Bar

Sugar Cookie Taco Tar

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Guest recipe by Alana Jones-Mann

In this period of lockdown, we are left with little or no choice than to stay indoors (and prepare our meals) due to the virus spreading rapidly like wildfire, with most (if not all) of the restaurant being closed.

This could be a very tedious task for most of us that are used to ordering foods. Some might even be tired of the daily food routine, and our mouth is longing for a delicious and unique dessert to prepare while we work from home. Are you, therefore, looking for a unique dessert to prepare for yourself (or family) during this lockdown period? Something soft, sweet, and healthy?

Why not sugar cookie taco bar? Sugar cookie taco bar is a delicious dessert to try out. Especially with the brownie bites, shredded coconut, frosting, and red candles. Guess what? You can add any of your favorite ingredients in it…

This recipe could be prepared basically in three parts, namely, the taco fillings and molds for sugar cookie taco shells, baking sugar cookies, and lastly, assemble and decorate. To make your taco fillings and molds, you need to first add your shredded coconut into two separate plastic bags each. 

In a bag, add orange food coloring (that’s for the cheese) while in the other bag, add a green food coloring (for the lettuce). Then you shake each bag evenly. Why? Just to let the coconut coat with the color. Crumble the brownie bites or chocolate cake (which will serve as the taco meat).

Any round red candy, for example, M&M’s or Sixlets, can be used as the tomatoes. Also, get your frosting ready to go as well. Don’t forget to prepare the mold to shape your sugar cookies, too, after they are baked. Here comes the second part of the recipe, which is baking your sugar cookies and molding them into shells.

For the cookies, place some rounds of sugar cookie dough on a baking sheet and bake them at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for some minutes – just before the cookies turn slightly golden. Remove the cookies and let it cool for 1-2 minutes and then immediately and gently mold each cookie into a taco shape.

Note: To have a chance to place the cookies in the mold before they set, don’t bake more than 6 at a time – otherwise, the cookies will cool quickly. Also, if your cookies are falling apart when you try to mold them, decrease your baking time and/or resting time out of the oven.

After that, all you need to do is wait for your cookie shells to cool off completely on the mold before removing and decorating. However, you can, namely, this up by placing your mold directly in the fridge after the cookies have been for about 10 minutes at room temperature.

Lastly, fill your tacos, first, with the buttercream frosting (sour cream). Add your meat (brownie bites), lettuce, and cheese (colored coconut) and tomatoes (red candy). Recall, you can also add any topping ingredients that make you feel good… Bon appetite!