Sweet Potato Rolled Oat Protein Pancakes

Sweet Potato Rolled Oat Protein Pancakes

Sweet Potato Rolled Oat Protein Pancakes

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Guest recipe by The Roasted Root

Another light and delicious way of making pancakes for your morning breakfast, either if it is for your kids or if you are looking for new ways to start your day in a healthier way. It has a good amount of proteins to help you with a boost while being low fat. So what better way to start your day than with these Sweet Potatoes Rolled Oat Protein Pancakes?

All we are going to need to make the batter is, sweet potato rolled oats, eggs, and baking powder. No need to worry about consuming many carbs or fats with this pancakes recipe, its made exactly that way, high proteins and low fat. Let’s not forget the delicious taste and easy to make pancakes. Making your own pancake flour has never been easier with these rolled oats you will have nice flour to go within minutes.

The first thing we need to do is to add our rolled oats in a blender and mix at a high speed until you get a thin flour from it. The second thing we are going to do is to prepare our sweet potatoes by boiling them for 25 minutes or microwaving them, and mashing them until you have your nice puree. Mix all your ingredients and add them in the blender, the sweet potatoes, rolled oat flour, eggs, and baking powder. Mix everything at high speed until your mix is smooth and well combined.

The next thing is to get our pan ready to cook our pancakes. We are going to add some oil to our pan and let it heat for a couple of seconds. Once it is hot we pour our batter in just to let it cook, three minutes on each side, or until bubbles start to show on the other side. Once they are looking gold we flip them and repeat the same time and procedure on the other side. We should end with some good looking fluffy pancakes. Serve them and add any toppings of your choice, a slice of bananas, strawberries or other fruits, some maple syrup, cut, eat and enjoy.

This recipe not only is it high on protein, but is also extremely delicious, and can be done using other main ingredients, such as butternut squash, and pumpkin. The same procedure and for those wanting to replace the oat flour you could use rice flour instead.