Thai Panang Curry with Vegetables

Thai Panang Curry with Vegetables

Thai Panang Curry with Vegetables

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Guest recipe by Cookie and Kate

Creamy, spicy, and delicious. Panang curry is a great option for cold days, for those days when you want to spice things up and try a different way of eating chicken for once. It’s a delicious way to embrace cold days and family dinners. Vegetables are essential in order to make this recipe and curry paste will add up the final touch for this recipe to be just delicious. Chilli pepper, ginger, lemongrass, coriander root, and cummin are just a base of what is inside of curry paste that’s why they are so tasty and spicy at the same time because all the species that are needed to make curry paste.

You could make this as a vegan or vegetarian version by replacing chicken for other proteins like tofu for example, but it can also be made with chicken and shrimp. This recipe isn’t difficult, but it requires things to be done. You need to cook your protein first, then you want to make your curry and mix it with your protein and you also want your rice to be ready at the same time so you can enjoy it warm. I mean curry must be eaten warm, there is no other way around that.

Once you choose and cook your protein the next step after choosing how you are going to make your rice is to prepare your Panang curry. Gather and saute your vegetables (onions, peppers, and carrots) and add garlic and your curry paste, let them cook for a while. Add your coconut milk and water and let it boil. Other ingredients that can improve your curry are peanut butter, soy sauce, and sugar or lime juice.

This will bring up the flavor and you will have a richer flavor curry paste. It’s always fun to garnish your curry with basil or any other green veggie will do, serve it over warm rice or noodles and it’s ready to go. Enjoy this on a cold day to bring up the heat, or just on any regular day if you are a spicy lover. Curry isn’t hard to make, homemade curry always tastes better, as you can play with the ingredients in it and personalize your recipe making it your own. It just tastes like home with every warm bite you take, tasting all the rich ingredients that make this recipe unique.

Many people prefer to cook curry with brown rice over white, but that’s more of a personal choice, as mentioned above this can make regular with chicken or fish as protein or you can go for a vegan version with tofu some curry paste come with most ingredients listed so adding extra seasoning could develop in an over-seasoned dish. And some Panang curry paste comes with fish oil, so if you are allergic or vegan you may want to try to find one that doesn’t.

A good quick meal option for a cozy weekend with the family, this will assure you a warm meal that will not only warm your body but your heart. It’s definitely one of those warming meals that you want to make once in a while.