Vegan Pumpkin and cocoa pancakes

Vegan Pumpkin and Cocoa Pancakes

Looking to upgrade your pancakes game, but trying to keep it healthy at the same time? Well, today we will go through a vegan pumpkin and cocoa pancake. Creamy, soft, and fluffy pancakes, with that strong cocoa taste blended with the richness and spice of the pumpkin. Tasty, fluffy, and most important vegan pancakes, refined sugar-free option

The recipe isn’t difficult to do, you just need to make sure you have all the ingredients handy as making pancakes from scratch isn’t the same as boxed ones where you just add water. As we will work with a vegan version, our ingredients also have to be specific ones or as close as you can be to them.

For our pancakes, we will be using oatmeal flour, cocoa powder, pumpkin puree, and vegetable drink, and some maple syrup.

The first thing we will do once we have the pumpkin puree ready. We add our vegetable drink cinnamon and puree together in a bowl and mix them. In a separate bowl mix our dry ingredients, flour, cocoa, and yeast.

Get all your dry ingredients mixed and all together before adding the liquid ones, then you want to get a consistent mix but not too perfect, the best way to reach the right texture with pancakes is to not over mix.

We want a thick dough so our pancakes get tall and fluffy, otherwise, we will end up with flat and boring pancakes. For this make sure your dough is thick.

The other ingredient we want to make is our pumpkin puree, for it, you want to cook your pumpkin with salt in a pot and make sure it is well cooked with a little water on it. Try to remove any extra water from it.

To get the perfect pancakes with pumpkin puree and cocoa. Is to make your own puree and make sure your pancakes don’t overcook, cooking them at low heat will give the best results.

Let your pancakes cook until you show the magical bubbles and flip them, wait till its gold or brown on the other side before removing them. You can top this delicious pancake with some dark chocolate, cocoa nuggets, or some maple syrup.

A different but healthy way to upgrade your pancake games, using vegan healthy ingredients, to keep the balance in your diet. While still getting the best of all the ingredients, cocoa and pumpkins together make a delicious mix that gives this rich color and flavor to whatever you make with it. Whatever is pancakes, cakes, or muffins.

Perfect for a light and vegan breakfast or snack, you could even have this for dinner or lunch depending on how a fan of pancakes you are, I don’t think there is a wrong time for eating pancakes. This can work for up to 6 pancakes, so look at your portions if you are making for over 2.