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Best Brownies

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Guest recipe by Cafe Delites

Brownies are one of the favorite desserts all around the world. Not just because of their simplicity or how tasty these desserts are. A favorite for big and small ones. Another great thing about making brownies is that you can personalize any recipe and add or remove whatever you want. You can make them super sweet, salty, creamy, milky, or you could make your own version of vegan or healthy brownies.

So there is a special brownie out there for everyone, use your favorite ingredients, and make it your own.with so many recipes and ways to make brownies out there. There is one recipe for the fudge lovers, this recipe here for creamy and soft brownies. Chocolate center, crunchy surface, and fudgy texture. Just giving you the best that there is to find in a brownie, flavor, texture, crunchiness, and unexpected delicious center.

This recipe is super practical as it can be made within 10 minutes, it uses regular ingredients that anyone should have in their houses, no need to have a super packed kitchen, brownies are easy to make and this recipe as it makes them fudgy it doesn’t use too many ingredients. Things to consider aside from the ingredients are the pans where you make it, as different measures can produce different results, smaller pans will produce fatter brownies and bigger ones will produce smaller ones.

Best baking pan option if you want the right size and texture for your brownies should be one of 8x12 inches, as it will give the best results. For starters warm your oven at 175 Celsius Degrees or 350 Fahrenheit degrees. After getting your pan all greased set it aside. Pour in a bow your ingredients, 8 oz or 1 cup of butter, 9 oz of white sugar, and 7oz of brown sugar with 30 ml of cooking oil. Mix until you get a pastel coloring from the mix.

Next, sieve your cocoa powder, flour, and salt into a separate container, then add both mixtures and blend them in. Gather your chocolate and cut it into small pieces that you can add into the mix and leave some pieces for the surface. Add your mixture into your oiled pan, and once flatten add the extra chocolate for the surface.

Place it in your warm oven and leave it in for no more than 30 minutes if you want creamy brownies or 35-40 minutes for a more solid texture. The result is creamy, crunchy, and rich brownies. Let them cool or not, brownies are great in any temperature, hot with their steamy center, or warm for a more edible version of them, also you could eat them cold with a glass of milk or refrigerate them.

These brownies will survive and be still crunchy even after a week. You could use them for a shake, eat them as dessert, midnight snack, breakfast. There is no wrong time with brownies. So what are you waiting for, gather your ingredients and tools. Start mixing and let’s bake some creamy, soft, and delicious brownies today.