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Cooking Habits You Should Hurry Up And Break

Cooking habits can be hard to break. From forgetting to read the recipe to over-stirring your food, we all have a few bad habits we’re completely unaware of. And while some might not be that bad, others can cause you, and the people you cook for, to become sick. Do you think you’re one to be reckoned with in the kitchen? Well, then it might shock you to learn you have a few bad cooking habits you need to break, just like the rest of us. 

Continuously Opening & Closing The Oven

Cooking requires patience, something you probably don’t have a lot of. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! We all get impatient when we’re cooking and that impatience typically leads to us doing the unthinkable: Continuously opening and closing the oven to check on our food. Don’t do that! Regardless of if you’re baking a cake or a chicken, you should NEVER keep opening and closing the oven. It only lengthens the cooking time! Use the oven light or a timer to keep track of your food.