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Eat Like a Celebrity – Celebrities’ Favorite Foods

Who doesn’t want to look like a celebrity? One would assume their good looks and great bods are results of an insane diet consisting of expensive, unsettlingly healthy and potentially bizarre foods. All of our fav celeb idols most likely own a private chef so we would assume emulating their diet would be next to impossible.

Good news! Celebrities are human… and while their bank accounts are slightly higher than ours, it’s reassuring to know their favorite foods are on par with the rest of us. Good and tasty foods are a universal liking, no matter the social blade. So in reality, if we want to eat like our favorite celebrities, we don’t have to look farther than our own local grocery stores, refrigerators at home or best yet, our favorite fast food chains! Find out below what our celebrities’ favorite foods are!


#1 Chris Pratt

We all know Chris shed some serious lbs in the past couple years, so it’s obvious his diet fell on the healthier side of the food chain.  Chris says, “I actually lost weight by eating more food, but eating the right food, eating healthy foods.” A source says he eats over 4,000 calories a day! Wow… talk about goals.

But pairing the insane amount of fuel he puts in his tight physic, he drinks a ton of water and trains like a beast. It’s all about balance in Chris Pratt’s life. So what are his favorite foods, then? While he has to eat relatively healthy greens and veggies, his favorite meals involve any and all types of meat. Carnivore looks good on you, Chris!




#2 Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is all about looking good but eating just as good. She told a source that, “My personal motto is ‘Eat clean to stay fit, have a burger to stay sane,”. Isn’t that everyone’s model in life?

Her favorite indulgences are burgers from JG Melon in the West Village. Her breakfast isn’t anything we all haven’t had on a regular basis… scrambled eggs, toast, bacon and sometimes a little baked beans, and to wash it down, some good ole’ fashion Orange Juice. Our favorite model still likes to treat herself to some Grasshopper Pie Ice Cream. After a successful modeling career like she’s had, she deserves some dessert.



#Gal Gadot


Name one person who wouldn’t want to look like Wonder Woman… I’ll wait. As one would expect, she prides herself on feeding her family the best foods and making sure her kids are healthy and getting the nutrients they need. That starts with a good, hearty breakfast! Gadot likes to start her and her daughters’ days off with a veggie smoothie, eggs, fruits and some delicious coffee for herself.

The nutrient packed meals continue throughout every meal, providing her family with lots of chicken and fish for dinners and complimenting them with lots and lots of veggies. Another favorite treat of hers is avocado toast… yum! And if she wasn’t perfect enough, she loves to treat herself with burgers, ice cream and chocolate… as long as she uses portion control. Gal is definitely a wonder woman in her kitchen, too! P.S can we all appreciate her bicep in the photo below? Must be the avocado toast…



#4 Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo and his favorite foods are someone we can all relate to. Jason told a source his dream meal is pizza, and then seafood, and to top it all off, ice cream with brownies.

A close second? A McDonalds Big Mac and fries. Same, Jason, Same. How come he can eat all that and still look this good? Share your secrets, Jason!

Fun fact, Jason Derulo used to eat four bananas a day while in college because they were easy to buy and inexpensive. Story of a young college kid’s life.


#5 Jennifer Lopez

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – MARCH 20: Jennifer Lopez attends the 2017 NBCUniversal Summer Press Day on March 20, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage)

As much as we wish we could say all J-Lo eats is Pizza… let’s be real. No one can have a rockin body like her and eat pizza everyday. While the cheesy, breaded goodness was in fact Jennifer Lopez’s favorite food at one point in her life, that is no longer the case. In order to keep her rock hard abs and killer legs, she maintains a strict diet. She prefers to power her body with organic, nutritious and well balanced foods.

She likes to base her food choices on protein, in fact, the only processed food she consumes is protein powder. With a workout regimen like hers, she needs all the protein she can get to fuel those strong muscles. J-Lo has the will power we all wish we had, she even choses to forego the alcohol! Teach us your ways, J-Lo!



#6 The Rock

Dwayne Johnson doesn’t get his nickname for nothing. In order to have muscles as hard as a rock, one could expect the food that fuels this impressive physic is a massive one. In order to get enough calories to power through a training regime of 75 minutes, 5 days a week, there’s a lot of protein involved.

The Rock’s daily meals include sirloin, chicken, and even bison meat. My guess is he eats a slab of meat about the size of his biceps. He pairs the protein with some healthy carbs like rice and baked potatoes. He also enjoys a nice, hearty salad.




It’s not just about the food, but also the liquids that make The Rock, one of the ‘sexiest man alive’, look as good as he does on a daily basis. He enjoys fruity energy drink powders and lots of water… 3 gallons to be exact. One could only image how hard it would be to hydrate a body like that with the training it goes through.

Looking like Dwayne is hard work, but boy does it pay off!


#7 Katy Perry


Katy Perry’s diet is just as glam as she is! One of her favorite foods are truffles, which just happen to be the most expensive fungi reaching prices upwards of $2000 a pound. She’s actually a big fan of mushrooms in general.

Since you can only indulge on so many veggies, she really likes to eat a number of yummy dishes like barbecue chicken, chicken salad, sashimi, and crispy beef. But her all time favorite would have to be a Double-Double from In-N-Out Burger! A true California Girl at heart.



#8 The Kardashians & Jenners

Don’t let Kendall’s sleek and slender model bod fool you! She expressed via her website that her favorite foods are burgers, pizza, and pancakes. Don’t we all wish we could eat these foods and still look as good as she does? Kim is a poster woman for working out and training hard to maintain her curvy figure. She may not indulge all the time, but she did confess her favorite sinner fast food are from Chipotle, Taco Bell, In-N-Out, KFC, and McDonald’s. Wait, is Chipotle not healthy? Oops…



Kylie Jenner’s guilty pleasure is candied yams. So much so, that she even featured them in the first episode of “Cooking with Kylie”. She also lets us know on multiple occasions that she enjoys authentic Mexican food, some good sushi, and her favorite candy, Twizzlers.


#9 Rihanna

RiRi eats what she wants when she wants… like the bad a$$ she is! She lives like a true queen and eats like one too. She’s not trying to fit in with the vegan lifestyle that most people shamelessly fall into because its #trendy. She’s a carnivore at heart according to her personal chef as she eats every protein that you can think of along with rice, pasta, and vegetables. Yum.

Going back to her roots, Rihanna’s favorite Caribbean dish is curry chicken. She has been known to love pasta and order three types of pasta dishes at a time – talk about dinner goals. Riri isn’t afraid of carbs so why should we?! So how does Rihanna eat whatever she wants but looks so dang good? Well, we all can’t be blessed with curves like her from the get go but we could emulate her intense workout schedule. She works out for at least an hour every day!


With all that hard work comes a little fun, or a lot of fun. Rihanna treats herself with her favorite dessert, cheesecake and chocolate ice cream. When it comes to alcoholic beverages? Ginger cocktails for the win!



#10 Justin Bieber


In true JB fashion, he once ate his favorite dish with a glass of milk (?) right before a performance on his tour and ended up getting sick on stage. Classic Justin. What is the teen heartthrob’s favorite food and why would mixing it with a glass of milk be so sickening, literally and figuratively? Spaghetti Bolognese!

Besides the Italian goodness, JB’s true fanbase knows that he is slightly obsessed with sweets. Specifically gummy candies, especially Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids. He always brings his trusty comfort snacks on tour with him and knows the gummies won’t betray his stomach mid performance.



Like the true Canadian he is, one of his go-to places for food and drinks is Tim Horton’s wares (AKA the Dunkin’ Donuts of Canada). He also loves a good ole’ bowl of cereal. Gotta love the childlike appetite of Justin – we can relate!


#11 Beyonce

You heard it here first! (Actually, probably not…) Queen B doesn’t eat divine chocolates covered in 10 carat gold and drink $500k champagne for breakfast every day. In fact… she’s just like most of us. A pizza fanatic! She told a source, “I always treat myself to one meal on Sundays when I can have whatever I want. Usually, it’s pizza.” And if you thought that was great, she loves to put hot sauce on her pizza. Along with every other thing she eats. She really is the spice of life!

Oh, you thought I was done? Beyonce is actually, in fact, a lifetime membership owner at Popeye’s and enjoys their fried chicken and biscuits.

But as one might expect, even Queen B can’t live off these yummy items every day. In order to maintain her killer bod, she mostly enjoys healthy food on the daily. She told a source that she has given up snacking and trying her best to avoid red meat. Can Bey do anything wrong?