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Everything You Need To Know About Cold Brew Coffee

Regular coffee is out. “What’s taken its place?” you ask. Well, that would be cold brew, my friends. Or as I like to call it, “the more sophisticated and classier version of iced coffee.” I know that might sound boujee but it’s true. Cold brew is a richer, tastier, and just plain cooler version of coffee. And even though cold brew has been around for a while (I’ve personally been drinking it for years) people are finally starting to make this beverage mainstream. Yes! Here’s the truth on why cold brew coffee is the best and the only coffee you need in your life:

It’s More Caffeinated

Cold brew coffee has a higher bean-to-water ratio than regular coffee. In layman’s terms? Cold brew has more caffeine! Did that just make your heart flutter a little? It should! Drinking cold brew instead of iced coffee is perfect for all you coffee lovers who typically need two (or three) cups of coffee just to get through the day. Not only will you get your fix from one grande (or maybe venti) cup of cold brew, but you’ll also save money because you won’t be continuously buying coffee during the day.