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Healthy Foods That Are Actually Bad For You

Just because people say it’s healthy doesn’t mean it is healthy. You need to be aware of what you are putting in your body and always do your research because no one is going to watch out for your health better than you. Except for mom, moms seem to truly care. But besides mother dearest, you have to make sure that you take the initiative to be the best you.

But, now and then people need a little help, I get it. So I am going to help kick-start your healthy journey by giving you a list of healthy foods that actually aren’t as good for you as we were lead to believe.

#1 Wheat Bread

This one surprises most people because growing up most people were told that fiber was both vital and essential to good health. Well, this is true. However, not all wheat bread is fiber-rich bread. These days everything is labeled whole wheat including things like cereal. Hence, wheat cheerios. The thing is all wheat isn’t good; wheat and most foods that claim to be wheat contain white enriched flour and sugar.

These days, wheat bread usually only contains 20% of wheat in the bread. Aim for bread that is 100% whole wheat. Take the time to read the ingredient label on the back of the package.


#2 Trail Mix

This one makes me sad, because who doesn’t love trail mix? A mixture of nuts, dried fruits, and a few M&M’s, how bad can it be? Unfortunately, it is really bad. How do you think trail mix gets its sweet flavor? It isn’t the raisins; it’s the processed sugar that is thrown on top of it. Not to mention the immense amount of salt that is already on the nuts. Those nuts can really spike your sodium which can lead to things like diabetes.

A handful of trail mix every now and again won’t do too much damage, but this is definitely not an everyday healthy snack.


#3 Canned fruit

I know it’s convenient for the kid’s snack time, but you have to understand what damage it can do. A kid-size cup of fruit cocktail has a whopping 110 calories and over 25 grams of sugar. 25 grams?!! And you’re wondering why your child is so hyper after you give them a fruit cocktail cup. Fresh fruit is the way to go. Fruit is naturally sweet anyway, so we don’t need all the extra preservatives.

Opt for fresh organic fruit which gives you all the nutrients that you lose in canned fruit.


#4 Nutella

Nutella made a huge splash about three years ago, and there’s a reason why. That is some delicious spread. It’s just like chocolate heaven. Now, the regular every day being would assume that hazelnut spread is for sure 100% healthy, but nope. Sorry to do this to you. It isn’t. Nutella has an insane amount of sugar and will spike any kids’ blood sugar to a dangerous level if enough is consumed. Nutella is branded as a breakfast food, but I am leaning more towards a desert.

Nutella has so much sugar that even for an adult consuming too much can lead to poor concentration and clarity.


#5 Soy Milk

Most people think soy milk is the healthy alternative to cow’s milk, but it actually isn’t that healthy either. Yes, soy milk gives you protein but it isn’t all that it’s worked up to be. Soy milk can be especially dangerous for women. Soy contains isoflavones which are similar to the female hormone estrogen. The problem is that soy is linked to breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society studies show that there is an increase in breast tumors in when soy intake is a norm. While it may be a better alternative for men, it can be a risky choice for women. Instead, opt for a different milk alternative such as almond or coconut milk. But make sure you don’t get the flavored kinds of milk, they just add unneeded extra calories.

#6 Light Salad Dressing

As depressing as this is, we all know the best part of the salad just happens to be the most fattening. Dressing on a salad is like adding chocolate to your fruit. Our bodies won’t fall for our brains tricking us into thinking our healthy choice of food isn’t being tainted by a not-so-healthy topping. While we think choosing a “light” dressing will help reduce the amount of calories we’re taking in, in reality, we’re only cheating ourselves even more.

In order for food companies to maintain the flavor and yumminess of regular salad dressing while cutting down half the calories, they have to include a ton of other additives. These extra ingredients are detrimental to our bodies and are a way to trick people into thinking they’re making a healthy choice. In reality, your best bet for dressing your salad is a nice blend of olive oil and vinegar. A yummy way to add some good fats into your meal without sacrificing your health or the flavor of a refreshing salad!

#7 Flavored Yogurts

While flavored yogurts are a nostalgic and delicious snack, their reputation for a heathy choice isn’t as accurate as we might hope. When it comes down to it, adding a flavoring to anything hurts the nutritional value of anything. When a fruity flavor addition is included in yogurt, it debunks any sort of good nutrients that you would have been getting if you were to chose a low-fat plain yogurt instead.

One way to add some pizazz to your healthy plain yogurt is to take it home and add some natural flavoring, like crushed fruit, yourself. That way, you are in control of how much additional sugar you are adding to your snack. By doing so, you’re ultimately saving yourself from 10+ grams of additional sugar you didn’t need and most likely didn’t want in the first place.

#8 Spinach Pasta

Spinach Pasta Carbonara

Don’t let the look of this carb-o-load of goodness fool you… just because it’s green, doesn’t mean it’s lean. Companies should might as well call this green colored pasta, instead of fabricating the use of the word Spinach. There is actually so little spinach in the making of these delicious noodles, that their nutritional value is next to none and you certainly will not reap the benefits of having an actual serving of spinach. In the end, the additives really mask and ruin anything good about the pasta noodles themselves. Not worth it! Unless you’re having a St. Patrick’s day party and want to create an awesome themed party dish 😉


#9 Protein Bars

A tale as old as time… smart advertising tricking people into thinking they are buying something healthy. Just because the label on the box says “packed with 10+ grams of protein” doesn’t mean it’s healthy and certainly not the same thing as eating 10 grams of grilled chicken. While not all protein bars are the enemy, some being actual good meal replacements, especially for those active fellas… there are definitely some candy bars on the market labeling themselves as a protein bar.

In the end, make sure you’re reading those labels carefully. 10 grams of protein doesn’t trump the negative nutritional value of 14 grams of sugar – remember that!

#10 Diet Soda

Adding “diet” in front of their product name is a smart marketing tactic by these soda companies. While the bubbly goodness is too good to pass up, we all know the damaging affects to drinking too much soda. Advertising a drink that has just as good of a taste, that is zero calories seems too good to be true. And unfortunately, it is. Diet soda is just as bad, if not more bad for you. Like most “lite” or “diet” things, in order to maintain the right amount of flavor while sacrificing the calories, there needs to be a lot of additional ingredients. These additives include a ton of different and harmful artificial sweeteners.

My suggestion is to dump the soda all together, and grab yourself some flavored seltzer waters. You get the feeling of the carbonation and the yummy taste of a sugary drink without the negative side effects. A win-win!


So there you have it people, foods that you thought were healthy, that really aren’t the best choices. It is so important to make the right health decisions when it comes to your body and to remember what might work for someone else, may not work for you. Do your research and make the best decision for YOU and only YOU.