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Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Your Favorite Snack Food Brands

We all have a favorite snack food (or snack foods). Whether you’re obsessed with Oreos, potato chips, or skittles — you have a go-to snack option…that’s typically not the healthiest. And even though you love your salty, sweet, delicious snack foods, do you know anything (besides how tasty they are) about them? Their history? Their popularity? Doubt it! Which is why I gathered a list of juicy factoids on the best snack foods to ever exist.


Where do you think the name “Pop-Tart” comes from? Was the snack named for the way it pops out of the toaster oven? Was the name inspired by the tart-looking shape pop-tarts have?

While both possibilities are valid, none of them are accurate. The name was inspired by the pop art movement that occurred in Britain during the mid-to-late 1950s. This art movement completely changed the way art was seen. Thanks to artists like Andy Warhol, art became more mainstream and began to appear in everyday media.