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Reasons Why You Should Never Cook a Steak Past Medium

Growing up I always had well-done steak. My mom told me because of diseases that could happen in the meat that meat should always be cooked well done. When I met my now husband, I noted he liked his meat sort of rare. I questioned it and even told him you shouldn’t eat it raw, but now I have learned that you really shouldn’t cook your steak past medium and here are the reasons why.

1. Meat Science

Cooking steaks at high temperatures or for long periods of time actually makes the collagen in the meat and the muscle fibers tense up. Basically your meat isn’t as tender as someone who has theirs less cooked than yours. If the redness which I used to think was blood bothers you then ask the person to simply wipe it away or ask them to get rid of the juices. Truly this red juice is just myoglobin and water. The pigment is from the protein in the meat. Go figure!