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10 Indulgent Dessert Recipes That Prove You Should Cook With Chocolate Milk

We love chocolate milk! There's really nothing like a refreshing, creamy and nutrient-packed glass of the stuff, transported straight from childhood, when you could buy a tiny carton of it for a few cents! There are some classics that never go out of style. A sip of chocolate milk, the classic and refreshing sweet drink, is certainly one of them.

Feel like indulging? You are cordially invited to join us for a much-needed celebration of National Chocolate Milk Day on Sept. 27. Sure, you can pick up a bottle of your favorite stuff at the store, and we won't discourage you -- but why stop there? Why not elevate your favorite drink by mixing it into desserts?

1. Salted Chocolate Milk

Salted Chocolate Milk

The classic! Make it yourself, with or without the salt.

2. Adult Chocolate Milk with Spiced Rum

Adult Chocolate Milk with Spiced Rum

A super quick and easy way to get your fill when you're craving a dessert cocktail. We're pretty sure this would be delicious without the spiced rum too, but why do that to yourself?

3. Loaded Chocolate Milkshake

Loaded Chocolate Milkshake

Want to get that delectable rim? Before pouring in the shake, coat the rim in thick chocolate ganache, and, if you want, roll it in crushed-up candies or cookie crumbs.

4. Triple Chocolate Bread Pudding

Triple Chocolate Bread Pudding

This basically tastes like the gooey center of a brownie. In other words, you need to make it immediately.

5. Chocolate Milk Waffles

The next time you make waffles, mix in some chocolate milk for an exciting and delicious breakfast treat!

6. Extreme Milkshakes

Extreme Milkshakes

Whether you're more into ultimate chocolate or Nutella pretzel, you can't go wrong with these freaky over-the-top shakes that you can absolutely customize to your taste!

7. Warm Chocolate Pudding with Smoked Paprika Candied Pecans

Warm Chocolate Pudding with Smoked Paprika Candied Pecans

This complex and addicting dessert is smooth and super flavorful, with a strong chocolaty kick and a savory smokiness from the pecans. You've got to try it!

8. Chocolate Chip Walnut Loaf

Chocolate Chip Walnut Loaf

Unless you add a ton of chocolate chips, cocoa powder or powdered chocolate milk mix (feel free to do so!), you won't get an overpowering chocolate flavor, but you will get a really interesting and subtle depth of flavor.

9. Chocolate Milk Iced Mochas

Chocolate Milk Iced Mochas

Eat your heart out, Starbucks. Whip these up in a flash at home and enjoy satisfying mochas for a fraction of the price.

10. Chocolate Milk Mix No Bake Cookies

Chocolate Milk Mix No Bake Cookies

Moist, peanut buttery, chocolaty goodness with no oven time at all. How can you resist?