Check Out All Of Dunkin' Donuts Halloween Treats! (Photos)

Check Out All Of Dunkin' Donuts Halloween Treats! (Photos)

It's Halloween, guys. It's finally here.

Well, actually -- it's only the first week of October, but we might as well be calling it Halloween because everywhere I turn are glowing pumpkins, cottoned cobwebs, plastic spiders with red eyes, and skeletons hanging in precarious form.

Everyone is getting into the spirit of Halloween, especially Dunkin' Donuts.

To ring in the holiday, Dunkin' is setting its stores ablaze with new Halloween-themed donuts with new looks, new names, and probably new decor to boot.

Delish reported two scary new donut flavors -- Ghoulish Glazed and Choc-O-Lantern, renamed from their traditional counterparts, Glazed and Double Chocolate.

Dunkin's cream-filled Boston Cream becomes Boston Scream, with a drizzling of orange icing and chocolate frosting, pictured below. 

Dunkin's cream-filled

While the oozy red jelly donut, already festive in its own right, is simply renamed the Vampire's Delight. There's also the Full Moon donut, a powdered jelly donut dusted with orange powdered sugar, and the Nilla Nightmare, a vanilla-creme filled version.

If Instagramming your food is your thing, take note of Dunkin's newest and most anticipated donut, the Spider Donut (pictured below). It's a classic donut covered in orange icing and topped with a chocolate munchkin and a drizzling of creepy crawly spider legs. They look scary good.

a drizzling of creepy crawly spider legs

The rest of the donuts on Dunkin's new menu are some variation of spooky, wicked and deliciously menacing: Spooky Sprinkles, Scary Strawberry, Purple Potion, Witch's Brew Berry, Wicked Chocolate, Owl Fashioned, and, lastly, the quintessential fall-tastic flavor, Pumpkin.

Every single donut on Dunkin's donut menu is dressed up for Halloween this year, and so should you. And now is definitely the time to bring the Halloween cheer to the office with a box of munchkins. A Dunkin' representative told Delish that the chain will be selling a pack of 10 munchkin donut holes for $1.99 at participating stores.

Also, in light of the its new Halloween menu, Dunkin' announced that it is bringing back its "Community Cups" program for the fifth year, where customers may donate to the Joy In Childhood Foundation, which provides food and services to kids in need.