Check Out Krispy Kreme's 2017 Halloween Doughnuts! (Photo)

Check Out Krispy Kreme's 2017 Halloween Doughnuts! (Photo)

Just about every snack has grown fangs or been carved into a jack-o-lantern, and every coffee is now gourd- or maple-based. The candy aisle moved its way to grocery store entrances, Halloween pop-up stores are packed with the latest costume trends, every house is looking more and more haunted, and the last emoji you sent was a ghost or a spider.

If you haven't noticed, Halloween is in full swing -- and the leaves are not the only things changing around you; Krispy Kreme doughnuts are here, but with googly eyes and spider webs!

Brand Eating reports four new decorative doughnuts now available at participating Krispy Kreme locations, and they are true to Halloween spirit. And here is what you can expect from the new doughnut menu:

Check Out Krispy Kreme's 2017 Halloween Doughnuts! (Photo)

The Mummy Doughnut is a classic Kreme-filled doughnut that is crisscrossed with white icing and has edible sugar eyeballs.

The Jack-o-Lantern Doughnut is a yeast shell doughnut with a classically decorated jack-o-lantern face made of chocolate and orange icing.

The Spider Web Doughnut is Krispy Kreme's classic chocolate doughnut featuring lime green icing swirled into webs and an edible sugar spider.

Lastly, the Chocolate Iced Glazed with Sprinkles is the brand's signature chocolate iced glazed doughnut covered in colorfully festive sprinkles.

The Halloween doughnut rollout is part of Krispy Kreme's clever #TreatCred campaign, where each doughnut earned its spot as a Halloween treat.

The national doughnut shop tweeted the announcement in the video below, where a Mummy Doughnut tells us "They said we don't need Halloween doughnuts." Kreme later tweeted, "but doughnuts always rise."

Last year, Krispy Kreme's Halloween doughnuts featured zombies and a less sinister jack-o-lantern and spider web. But this year's Halloween doughnuts are more festive with added sugar pieces and a decorated doughnut box.

Krispy Kreme's menu is in full Halloween regalia, including their doughnut hole buckets, which glow in the dark. The festive Halloween buckets are a part of the brand's Halloween campaign and are available only at participating locations -- bonus: they're filled with original glazed doughnut holes.

Get your "treatcred" while you can.