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Kick Off The Olympic Games With These 6 Adorable Desserts

The Olympics are upon us!

What better way to watch the whole world come together than by throwing a party in honor of one of the world's oldest traditions? Sure, you may already have your drinking game planned out, but what about your snack set-up? Fear not -- we got you covered with some of the cutest (and easiest!) Olympic-themed desserts out there.

1. Torch Cupcake Cones

Perfect to eat during the opening ceremony, and they are just so dang cute! You can use any mini cupcake recipe you like -- even store-bought or boxed cake mix will work fine here. We love them with these chocolate cupcakes, complete with Irish cream frosting (mix in a little orange food coloring if you're so inclined), but you do you.

2. Gold Medal Brownie Batter Hand Pies

In the event that you're low on time, you can always use large chocolate coins instead, golden sandwich cookies, or even cookies dunked in frosting and coated with gold, silver and/or bronze colored sanding sugar. It's all good.

3. Olympic Swimming Pool Cake

Michael Phelps would totally approve of these cute little pretzel swimmers. If you want, you can totally use gummy bears, teddy grahams or anything along those lines as a replacement for pretzels.

4. Weightlifting Cupcakes


This is super easy and adorable, and the best part is that you can use just about any cupcakes you want for this -- yes, even store-bought ones. Don't know where to start? Try them with this stupendous chocolate chip cupcake recipe.

5. Olympic Nanaimo Bars

Olympic Nanaimo Bars

We absolutely adore these coconutty, buttery, graham cracker-y and generally delicious dessert bars. Let's be real -- you probably don't have Olympic ring-shaped cookie cutters around, so you can either make them (like this or like this) or just cut them into bars. The icing rings on top will still look every bit as cool.

6. World Flag Cookies

World Flag Cookies

Decorate sugar cookies with an assortment of flags from around the world. Need a sugar cookie recipe? Try this one paired with this royal icing. Delicious!