McDonald's Runs Out Of Tenders, Twitter Outraged

McDonald's Runs Out Of Tenders, Twitter Outraged

Fans of the Golden Arches were unpleasantly surprised when McDonald's announced its brief hiatus from the "craveable and delicious" Crispy Chicken Tenders. Again.

The story of a long lost crispy began in 2013, when McDonald's discontinued its super popular buttermilk chicken tenders. Fans were disappointed. But the lightly battered white meat chicken strips reappeared in late September 2017 and once again became a crowd favorite.

And, comically, customers are grappling with yet another temporary loss of McDonald's crispy tenders due to, of course, high demand.

A McDonald's representative told Today that the fast food company is taking a "brief break" from serving them at the restaurants. Many "tender" fans are expressing this departure on Twitter in outrage, dismay, and in varying hues of tragedy.

In case you have any doubt at all that McDonald's buttermilk tenders are not worth the hype, this one Twitter user and tenders fanatic wrote, "After extensive testing the results are clear: McDonald's new buttermilk chicken tenders are in fact superior to Wendy's tendies. I'm talking every department. Texture, juiciness, flavor and substance. W for McD's. This is why we have 280 characters, folk."

And its high-rated reception will explain why so many Twitter users are up in arms about the hiatus.

One Twitter user wrote, "McDonald's, can you please get it together? I can't drive all around town to get these chicken tenders. Gas is too high for this. #Disappointed."

McDonald's sympathizes. A "hangry" Twitter user named Kevin wrote, "I'd like to sample the buttermilk chicken tenders everyone is raving about. However, every McDonald's seems to be temporarily out. #Hangry." The fast food company responded quickly, "Sorry about that, Kevin. The tenders crazy is real! There may be a pause as we catch up to demand, but they'll be back before you know it!"

If your happiness hinges upon buttermilk-battered white meat chicken, you'll be relieved to hear McDonald's plan to bring tenders back on the menu by the end of December. While you wait a tender-less month, opt for the alternatives: Chick-fil-A's Spicy Chick-n-Strips or Burger King's new spicy nuggets.