Now You Can Preserve Your Pizza Forever (Photos)

They say, "Diamonds are forever," but that old adage lost its bearing when millennials sought cheaper acts of matrimonial timelessness. Consider "Forever Pizza," a pepperoni pizza slice preserved indefinitely in clear lucite, as your lifelong pledge to cheesy pies, an iconic monument to fast-cooked food.

The Forever Slice could just as easily elicit hunger all day long as it could reliably hold down important documents from an unexpected breeze. The Forever Slice is yours to proudly display as your "forever diamond," a vow to have and to hold, in sickness and in health. It is, as its creator Steph Mantis would say, "the modern-day art version of breaking the bread."

Forever Pizza first appeared in a 2012 American Design Club show called "Threat," where artists designed hypothetical weapons if, say, someone broke into your house at 3 a.m. Mantis submitted a ninja star made of pizza slices encased in resin, pictured below, as a homage to "Pizza by Alex," the pizzeria owned and run by Mantis' dad.

It was an instant hit. Photos of Forever Pizza went viral; it was tweeted about by Pee Wee Herman, written about in Bon Appetit, and featured in an exhibit at the world's first pizza museum. Since then, thousands of people flocked to Forever Pizza's newsletter mailing list requesting their very own version of John Hammond's amber cane. Forever Pizza delivery is currently at a halt due to high demand and considering the one-woman operation.

The making of Forever Slices is a four-week process: one week to dehydrate the pizza, one week to pour resin into the mold, one week to cure and harden, and one week to ship.

Mantis, who has not yet figured out how to produce the product on a commercial level, calculated that it would take hundreds of years to produce the thousands of orders coming in. On her site, she's asked hopeful customers to sign up for the Waiting List and to be patient.

Mantis has created other pizza-related totems for New York-based design store Kikkerland, such as coasters, night lights, luggage tags and notepads.